Bicycle chain spa.

We did not even know this invention existed until we browsed through the new Biltema catalog. Cleaning one’s bike chain is a sloppy job at best, so this little chain washing machine has lots of promise. The washing box attaches with the chain in place, som there is no need to dismount it. Inside the box, the chain runs past three brushes and one sponge. The first brush scrubs the chain with cleaner, the second and third removes dirt, and the sponge, finally, wipes off exess cleaner. Apparently there is a need for some sort of cleaning agent, but the Biltema site is not clear on this point. Anyway, the chain cleaner is SEK 69:90 (approx. USD 10:-) and its article number is 27-042. There is a similar gadget on ComCycle USA for USD 14:95, and one for USD 24:99 on Gregg’s Cycle. Finally, there are several like it on Amazon, for instance the Clean Machine for USD 12:99.brbr

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