Bike with belt drive instead of chain.

A few years back we had the pleasure of owning and driving a Harley-Davidson motor cycle. This bike did not have a chain transmission and it did not use a shaft like for instance BMWs do. Instead the transmission of power to the rear wheel was handled via a belt drive. We should admit that we were a little skeptical towards the belt drive at first, but it proved to work perfectly and never caused any problems. Now, American bicycle brand Trek has introduced two new bike models (called District and Soho) with a similar belt drive system instead of a chain. The advantages are a lighter, quieter, cleaner and more reliable transmission. The downside? It’s more expensive. The District model is USD 930:- and the Soho is USD 990:- for the 2009 model. And the Soho is the only one with gears…brbr

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