Avoid Winter Accessory Overload With A Hoodie Scarf!

When you want to brave the winter chills outside, you may put on a hat and scarf, and while it may not always coordinate, it will at least keep you warm, right? Well, why bother worrying about mixing and matching when you can have a hat and scarf in one piece! I’m talking about hoodie scarves (scarves with hoods) that will keep your head and neck nice and cozy. Some hoodie scarves even have pockets so you might even forgo your mittens or gloves! This thick hooded scarf by Eugenia Kim has a futuristic sci-fi feel to it. Meanwhile, the ubiquitous circle scarf from American Apparel can be worn a dozen ways (or more if you’re really inventive). Take a look at the slideshow for more hoodie scarves that will keep you nice and toasty all winter long.

slideshow (5602)

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