6 Geeky Gimmicky Cameras That Are Way More Fun Than Your Canon!

imageWhether you’re a true studied photographer or simply rely on your iPhone and TwitPic to document your daily adventures, nowadays everyone’s got the photo bug in some form or another. But have you noticed that despite the ever-increasing accessibility, portability and quality of cameras with all the latest tech developments, all the newly released digi gadgets have just started to look and function basically the same? Quick and convenient, sure, but borrring! Bring the creativity back to picture-taking and add some variety to those thousands of extended arm self-portraits you have tagged on Facebook with a novelty camera. Print photos instantly on the go with the Fuji Instax Camera (no need to scrounge around for your USB cord!), or create pop art portraits with the Pop Cam from Fred Flare. These novelty cameras aren’t exactly a practical replacement for your usual point-and-shoot, but they’re a fun addition to anyone who loves living behind the lens! Take a look at the slideshow for the 6 quirkiest cameras on the e-shelves today!

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