Welcome, Yellowknife!

Ever since one of our second cousins held a brief teaching job in Yellowknife (62°27’ N – 114°22’ W) in the seventies, we have been wanting to go there ourselves. Just because of the coolness of the name. (We’ll tell you about our trip to Muckle Flugga another time). Canada actually has lots of cool names; we have previously visited Moose Jaw and Medicine Hat, just to mention a couple. The reason we discovered our honoured visitor from Yellowknife, is the interesting Who’s Amung Us service, thet we have had on the site for a while now. With it, you can see what visitors are reading, and with the map, where they come from. As you can see, most of our visitors come from Europe and North America, but we are very happy to see the little stars pop up Asia, Australia and Latin America, too. If you have a blog or website of your own, you could find Who’s Amung Us worth a closer look.brbr

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