Thermo-acoustic stove, fridge and generator for the third world.

Researchers from British universities, the charity organization Practical Action, American Los Alamos National Laboratory and the hi-fi company GP Acoustics have cooperated in constructing a revolutionary device that is a stove, a fridge and an electric generator all in one. The machine uses thermo acoustics, a spin off technology from space research that can transform the energy in sound waves to electrical power. The super stove channels the heat from a fire into a specially designed chimney, where gas pressure creates sound. The sound is transformed into electrical current via a linear alternator (described as an inverted loudspeaker) and powers the fridge, a computer, a mobile charger or any number of electrical devices. The stove project, SCORE, is so far a concept, but scientists hope to have a pilot rig for trials within four years.brbr

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