The T.25 City Car

A new micro-car that seats three and averages 74 miles per gallon

Recently featured on Good, Gordon Murray’s new 74-mpg T.25 City Car—while a little slower than the MacLaren F1 supercar he’s known for—still packs in just as much punch.


With a hinged front frame that lifts up in place of traditional doors (so as not to hit nearby vehicles, etc.), the sleek little micro-car seats three people, with the driver taking front and center, no passenger seat, and a back seat built for two. Designed around a safety cell, the car is exceptionally strong despite its size—which is so small three T.25s can fit in one parking spot, a major benefit to urban driving.

Additionally, Murray spent 15 years developing a new manufacturing process called “iStream,” a system dubbed as revolutionary as the groundbreaking car itself. Set to launch in the U.K. within the next two years, the T.25 City Car will retail for around $9,000.

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