Soft silicon lemon squeezer (#3).

We had the opportunity to test one of these lemon squeezers at Formex the other week. And since we do have a certain faiblesse for all things lemon, it has to be included on the site. We often use lemon in our cooking, and for drinks of course. Thus we think every well equipped kitchen should have a least one lemon press or lemon squeezer. This particular silicon squeezer is called Luki after its designer Luki Huber. Huber has designed a whole collection of stuff for Spanish Lékué. With this you just put one half lemon into the squeezer, open the spout, and squeeze. If there is any juice left in the lemon when toy are done, you can replace the stopper and keep the whole thing in the fridge until next time. available from, among other places we are sure, Amazon-, where you get two of them for USD 13:-.brbrbr

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