Smart step stool to reach on top of large cars.

This tip comes from our very good friend, Lars S. What he’s found is the Step-up car step from Yellowsmarts, a step up helper for tall cars. It’s kinda clever, and you don’t even have to own one of those out-of-favor SUVs; an ordinary estate with a car box on top could be just as difficult to reach. With the Yellowsmarts step up even shorties like us would have a chance to reach high enough to load or unload, wash the roof or brush off snow. The step rests with one end on the car’s tire and with the other on the ground. When you don’t need it anymore it folds into a smallish flat-pack for the cargo compartment. The step-up is available in three heights, and it is USD 49:95 in America (no web shop) and EUR 51:47 in Europe. Prices from the Yellowsmarts website. Thanks Lasse for the tip!brbr

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