Scrubbing gloves for new potatoes.

The perfect time to introduce a product like this in Sweden must be right now, less than two weeks before midsummer. Midsummer being the prime time of the year to eat lots of new potatoes. The classic midsummer’s lunch would involve pickled herring in a variety of flavors, dill, chives, new potatoes with butter and salt, crisp bread, Västerbotten cheese and, of course, liberal helpings of different kinds of flavored vodka. Although we have not had the opportunity to test drive these scrubbing mitts, we still think they are a pretty cool idea. First of all, the scrubbing of a couple of kilos of taters would probably be a lot faster than with a traditional brush. And, we have heard the ladies in our midst complain that scrubbing new potatoes does bad things to their delicate hands. With a pair of these, that argument is deflated. This alone would probably be worth the SEK 19:- (approx. USD 2:70), that Clas Ohlson charges for them. (Unfortunately they do not seem to be on the web-shop yet.)brbr

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