Put your extra lighting inside the car.

Putting large extra lighting on cars seems to be very much a Swedish and Finnish thing. Maybe it has something to do with the long and dark winters and a bit with rally tradition. We of course understand the reasons to add extra lights (most cars have deplorable lighting) but we have never understood the tendency to put these expensive lights at the very front of the car where they are the most vulnerable for parking damages. On one of our cars we were thinking of putting extra lighting on the roof, to get the lights out of harms way. Maybe if these Rayzer lights had been available at the time, we would have been tempted to buy them. Apart from traditional extra lighting the Rayzer light from Swedish Visualeyes mount inside the car, which solves some of the problems with traditional extra lights. But at what cost… SEK 7,950:- (approx USD 1,312:-) Ouch!brbr

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