Pull-down shelving for kitchen cabinets.

High kitchen cabinet shelves can be hard to reach. Not just for kids, but especially for the disabled and of course for us shorties. The solution is to make the shelves come down to a convenient height. We have bee looking for a solution like the American Rev-A-Shelf (A) for sale in Sweden, but we have not found any. However, we have found a different solution to the same problem. Granbergs of Norrköping develops, sells, and builds shelving systems for kitchen cabinets where the inside of the cabinet is lowered through the bottom. Picture (B). There is also a version where the entire cabinet is lowered. The Granberg shelving is power assisted and you can even get them with remotes. The Rev-A-Shelf is hand powered, but probably somewhat more affordable A Rev-A-Shelf shelving addition comes from about USD 200:- depending on cabinet width and is available on Amazon- among other places. The Granberg system is POA.brbr

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