Photo quiz solution. Congratulations to Anders F.!

Yesterday’s picture quiz seems to have been harder than we thought, and we have e-mails with everything from frost to micro fibers close up. Of all the contestants, however, Anders F. got in the right answer first but we must give an honorable mention to frequent suggestions contributor Austin L. who was runner-up with in effect the same solution. So what was that in the picture? Well, it was a classic ostrich feather duster close-up. See the thing in it’s entirety above. If you want a closer look at yesterday’s picture you’ll find a larger version here.brbr
The duster comes from Sahlins Struts in Borlänge (struts = ostrich) and we found it at Formex last Sunday. What struck us when we looked closely at the ostrich feathers was how they resembled fractals or the micro fibers in synthetic products like cloths or brushes. Could it be that ostrich feathers are nature’s own micro fibers? And could it be that the ostrich feather’s tendency to take a static electrical charge made them such a good natural duster?brbr

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