New Comment Policy On CR Blog

Or, Death To Trolls…

So far, on CR Blog, we have limited the moderation to anything that is openly offensive or potentially libellous. However, of late the quality of the debate here has been suffering from a rash of comments that really contribute nothing.

We don’t mind swearing, but to post a comment along the lines of “shit. the lot of them” or “that’s crap” does nothing to generate the type of informed debate that we hope the site can foster. We are all for criticism but, if you don’t like something, we want to know WHY.

So, as from now, we are instigating a more active moderation policy. Anything that, in the opinion of the moderators, is pointlessly abusive or adds nothing to the debate will be deleted.

And, as a reminder, here are the other criteria that we would ask you to observe:

“CR encourages comments to be short and to the point. As a general rule, they should not run longer than the original post. Comments should show a courteous regard for the presence of other voices in the discussion. We reserve the right to edit or delete comments that do not adhere to this standard.”


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