Motorola sponsors charging kiosks in Uganda.

The Third World has had an explosive growth in mobile phones. The mobile phone technology has meant a leap in so far as the developing countries has not had to go via landline phones to create a telecommunications system. However, it is not without problems. The most difficult is probably access to electrical power to charge phones and to power base stations. In many places where there is no, and probably never will be, a power grid people are left with diesel generators, with all the problems they bring. A better solution would be to use solar power, a commodity that’s abundant in most of the parts of the world that need it. Motorola has sensed this, and are now testing placement of charging kiosks where you can charge your cellphone for free. If there’s only Motorola chargers available is not clear at this point, but during the wait you’ll be able to check out the latest Moto offerings and perhaps re-fill you cash card. The idea seems to be to entrust the kiosks to female micro-entreprenours. The whole thing is smart for several reasons; 1: you can get a charge for free. 2: Moto gets a lot of goodwill, and 3; net providers must be cheering with joy since a powerless phone does not generate any revenue on the network…brbr

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