Machine that squeezes water out of thin air.

The WaterMill is a machine that makes water from air. Well, to be honest it doesn’t actually make water. It just extracts the water that is already in the air, but that is pretty cool, too. Furthermore the WaterMill system can distribute the extracted and purified water to your fridge, to a tap on your kitchen sink, to a water cooler or to its own dispenser. The actual machine is placed on the outside of your house, so it won’t dry up the inside air you’ll be wanting to breathe. The filtration is supposed to be good enough to produce water that’s better in quality than the stuff that comes out of your ordinary tap. The Canadian company behind the WaterMill claims that it’s able to extract 12 liters of H2O per day, and that should be enough for most needs. The only hitch in our eyes is that it’s powered by electricity. But if there’s a solar version in the works (and it can be produced at a reasonable cost) it could very well be useful right were it’s needed the most. Places that are short on good water usually have more than enough of sunshine and humidity.brbr

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