Logistics company intros pickup machines for on-line shoppers.

Norwegian Box logistics company with divisions in both Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Estonia are in the process of building a network of delivery machines for web-shoppers. The idea is that your purchases will be available for pick-up from your closest MyQuickBox delivery machine within one or two days. At the time of purchase the system will send you a text message with the code to open the appropriate compartment in the machine of your choice. And if you have not already paid for your stuff on-line, the machine will be able to accept payment at the time of pick-up. We found one machine at the Gullmarsplan subway station in Stockholm today, but Box claims to have machines set up in Malmö and Göteborg, too. We found a small leaflet (detail above) next to the machine, where Box refers to a page on their web site, where they claim to have a list of web shops using their system, but the page does not seem to be up, at least not today. However, if you read Swedish, you will find a link on site to the scan we made of the leaflet with the text readable.brbr

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