LemonDrop Suggests You “Trick Or Chic” With Fashion-Inspired Costume Ideas!

imageCraving a Halloween costume that’s not so much scary as it is stylish? Why not pay homage to an iconic fashion personality? From a ghoulish Karl Lagerfeld to a monstrous cat-wielding Kenley Collins, these get-ups are just right for fashionistas who are less into “boo” and more into “Goo … cci.” How about Anna Wintour? Between her pow-wow with David Letterman and the success of “The September Issue,” it may just be the Year of the Icy British Editrix. Here’s what you’ll need:

-elegant dress or skirt suit
-bobbed wig with bangs
-fabulous heels
-devil’s accessories
-copy of Vogue
-haughty attitude

You may not be able to snap your fingers and have a designer frock suddenly appear, but you can fake it. Simply throw on your finest skirt suit or dress (bearing in mind that Ms. Wintour does not do black), affix an inverted triangle Prada label you’ve cleverly made out of construction paper, stick some devil’s horns atop your bobbed wig, and slap on some giant black shades. Extra points for carrying a copy of Vogue or having your giant Andre Leon Talley lookalike BFF hover behind you in a cape. Click over to Lemondrop for three more clever ideas!

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