Label that watches over food safety.

Tempix is a Swedish company with cool idea. A temperature indicator for chilled or frozen foodstuffs. The Tempix system can keep a watch over products down to an individual package and create an alert if a package has been exposed to an unsafe temperature during the transport from manufacturer to customer. The Tempix temperature indicator is integrated into the package bar code. If the product has been exposed to a too high temperature, part of the bar code is destroyed, thus making the product impossible to check out through the cashier. The indicator is also readable to the naked eye. Compare the area inside the green circle in the two labels above. The top label indicates that the product has been correctly treated, the bar code is intact and a singe line i clearly visible inside the while square. The bottom label, however, indicates that the product has been exposed to temperatures above the allowed level. The black line in the square has disappeared, and the last part of the bar code has been erased.brbr

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