Ingenious ancient Irish camping kettle.

Smart Stuff reader and tipster Austin L. writes to let us know of this smart almost 100 years old design for an outdoor kettle. The Kelly Kettle is manufactured by Patrick Seamus Kelly in Ballina, County Mayo, Ireland, the fourth generation of the Kelly family associated with the Kelly Kettle. The kettle, sometimes also called the volcano kettle, uses a double walled metal flask that is heated via the internal chimney. This provides fast boiling, safe and weather protected handling (no open fire) and virtually no fuel costs, since the kettle is promised to burn almost anything from newspapers, tinders and small twigs to dried camel dung. The kettles are available in two sizes; 1 pt. for EUR 55:- (USD 66:50) and 2.5 pt. for EUR 62:50 (or USD 75:50) from the Kelly Kettle webstore. Thanks, Austin, for the tip!/

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