How often do you change your toothbrush?

We cannot know how often you pull a new brush from its wrapper, but statistics suggest that we in general do it way too seldom. The average Swede, for example, only changes brushes once or twice a year. The toothbrush manufacturers are of course hard at work to remedy this, and are spending millions of ad bucks in the process. So far, however, none of the big budgets (as far as we know) have produced an idea as simple and clever as Patrik Ström Widmark at have done. He has set up a simple website where he sells tooth brush subscriptions. With such a subscription you get one or more new and fresh toothbrushes in the mail each month. The brushes are available in soft or medium, and they are SEK 24:90 (approx. USD 3:60) a piece plus postage. Now, so far Patrik sell his toothbrushes in Sweden only, but we thought the rest of the world might like the idea anyway.brbr

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