Hanger for sweaters with narrow necks.

This fall’s Formex exhibition looked like a disappointment. We must have walked around for a couple of hours without finding much along the lines of new and smart. Or even fun. It looked like the hanger below would be our only catch of the day. But after a spot of lunch we could continue our search with renewed energy, and lo and behold; things brightened up. We actually found a number of smart new gadgets, inventions, tools and ideas and we’ll be posting some of them over the next few days. But first the hanger…brbr
Guess we have all over-extended the necks of our sweaters by forcing them over hangers. Or tried to insert the hanger from below through the sweater, which is a hassle even on a good day. Our guess is that Andrew Shove, the designer behind this special hanger had, too. The difference is that Andrew did something about it. He created a hanger especially for sweaters with narrow necks. How it works is explained by the small drawings to the right. Smart and simple. From Maze International.brbr

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