Gotta Getaway On A Budget? Stay In Style At The Ace Hotel In Palm Springs!

imageImagine if a group of artistically minded and communal living skateboarders renovated an old hotel and decided to make it the hippest place to stay. The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, California would be something like what you’d get. Known throughout the Pacific Northwest, The Ace is renowned for their stylish yet budget friendly boutique hotels in Portland and Seattle so when they decided to revamp an old hotel in Palm Springs, I was intrigued. Palm Springs always reminds me of retirement communities and golf courses, but the Ace Hotel definitely dispels all those preconceived notions. The interior walls are covered in a tent canvas for the illusion that you’re camping somewhere far far away (but with hot water showers!). The theme extends to the rest of the room with antique steamer trunks that store extra pillows and plenty of vintage National Geographic magazines that can help you plan your next getaway. Dine at the King’s Highway, formerly a Denny’s, where they serve roadside diner food with local and organic ingredients. Lastly, relax at their spa, by the pool, the stargazing deck or on your private patio. With rates starting at under $150 per night, it’s easy to get away from it all. Click on my slideshow to see more!

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