Golf cart and bicycle trailer – all in one.

Golf has never really looked like a green sport to us, even considering the often beautiful surroundings. At least not when one considers parking areas filled to the brim with large SUVs and lawn mower tractors working around the clock. If we also weigh in golf cars, fertilizers, irrigation and every other must-have to keep a golf course in peak shape… Well, you see our point. However, here’s a way for you to take charge of a piece of your own carbon footprint an make at least your own golfing a bit greener. It’s called the Gocy Active and it’s a combined golf-cart and bile trailer. With the mounting kit installed on your bike, it’s easy to hook up the trailer/cart and pedal off to your local links with a better eco conscience. On arrival you unhook the cart, extend the third wheel and swing away. After your last hole, the procedure is of course the opposite. You use your own golf bag, but the Gocy is delivered with it’s own special bag for grocery shopping, picnicking or whatever you need to schlep along.brbr

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