Fresh thinking in vacuum cleaner bags.

Vacuum cleaner bags are perhaps not the sexiest of products, but why have they made it so complicated to buy them? Why do all manufacturers need to have their own unique bag design, and why do we have to spend fifteen minutes in the store trying to find the right one? These questions must have been asked by the creators of Dustie, too. But unlike the rest of us, they set out to do something about it. The Dustie vacuum cleaner bag system is a new Swedish venture we hadn’t even noticed until the other day. We have just had time to try it out in our own vacuum. The idea behind Dustie is simple and, we might add, seems to us like a stroke of genius. Instead of looking for the particular bag that fits your vacuum, you look for the particular Dustie bag holder that fits. And this you do only once. From then on, all Dustie universal bags will fit your holder and vacuum. We bought bags and a holder for our Siemens DynaPower (#634) the other day, and the system works like a charm. The holder was about GBP 2.50 and a five pack of dust bags was GBP 7.50.brbr

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