French Museums Make Plans to Go Free Beginning in April


Because it’s the new year now, if you’re still hunting around for resolutions to follow and are eager to make some big life changes, might we suggest becoming young and French? We recommend it because France’s president, Nicolas Sarkozy, has just unveiled a plan to make all museums in the country free for any citizen under the age of 25 (and schoolteachers too, if you’re a little past that number), likely in the hope that this will create a more intelligent and cultured citizenry down the line. Maybe it’ll also help keep the French museum industry thriving with more to do? Or at least it might encourage parents to bring their kids without worrying about paying for a slew of tickets. And hey, let’s cross our fingers that it becomes so successful that it spreads to every country (because could both easily pass for 25 and/or could probably get some fake IDs). Here’s a bit:

In a speech promoting French culture in the coming year, Mr. Sarkozy also said that he would lift a partial freeze on state financing for the performing arts. He announced as well that he planned to create a new national history museum.

Also, this free museum plan probably keeps the Louvre up top in the rankings, doesn’t it? Clever Sarkozy. Very clever.

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