Electric 12V jack for your car.

After the electric air pump, it was probably only a matter of time before someone came up with the electric jack. May it even came first. We do not know; today is actually the first time we have seen one. But of course this must be smart, since the ever popular SUV’s are getting bigger and heavier all the time. Changing wheels or fixing a flat on an Escalade or Suburban must be hell. It is probably no picnic on a KingCab either. Now that the power jack is only a credit card swipe away, we are waiting for the next big thing, some sort of small power crane to get those big and heavy wheels in place. The power jack is available (among other places) on Amazon, is promised to lift 4.000 lb. and will set you back USD 76:- which sounds reasonable enough, but shipping is of course extra.brbr

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