Drawing paper with white lines offer a better view.

Most drawing papers or writing papers has supporting lines. These lines can be black, gray or sometimes light blue. The most common is probably paper with gray lines. The blue pattern was meant for the reproduction cameras of old, where one could easily filter out the blue and get a perfect copy. This kind of paper should work just fine even today if you have a scanner that allows you to filter out selected colors. If you are stuck with an ordinary copier, though, you’re likely to transfer the supporting lines onto your copy unless you can adjust the brightness correctly. Swedish inventor Olof Hansson was faced with the same problem, and he solved it in an entirely different way. He reversed the colors of the paper, and created a light gray paper with white supporting lines. The invention, called Whitelines, is today sold in eight countries, and the company are working on adding more, including the US.brbr

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