D-I-Y guide for fixing Apple’s laptops, iPods and iPhones.

iFixit is an American web shop working out of Atascadero, CA. They sell spare parts and accessories for Apple’s laptops, iPods and Phones. And even though their purpose clearly is to sell more stuff, they have been kind enough to put up a bunch of very informative and free guides and instructions for different repairs and upgrades. But be warned, even though the instructions are clear, it does not always mean that the operation they describe (above changing the hard drive) is an easy one. No way. As tech-illiterates, we would probably not attempt any of them, except maybe battery change and AirPort card installation. But at least now we know the theory. If you have an Apple laptop, iPod or phone we recommend a look at the site. If not for anything else, it could be interesting to see how they look inside… Thanks to Laurence for the tip!brbr

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