Braked wheelbarrow.

This wheelbarrow has to, as far as we can see, pretty unique characteristics and we have given the first one away in the headline. It has a hand brake. This is the first time we have ever seen a wheelbarrow with a brake, but we can see the benefits. The brake will help you keep the, possibly heavy, load under control in a downhill and it will also serve as a parking brake since it is lockable. The other, equally unique property, is the name. Those with keen eyesight have probably already spotted the little yellow sticker. For the rest of you; the barrows name is Jeep, which was news for us. On closer scrutiny, we find that the wheelbarrows are not actually manufactured by Jeep, but the name is used under license. But anyway, don’t you agree that it would be kind of cool to park this wheelbarrow on the driveway next to the Wrangler?brbr

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