Bolt with a secret stash.

Maybe you can’t get very much into the little compartment, but if you have something really, really secret this hollowed out 5/8 bolt looks like a great stash indeed. What if we would keep it in our tool box with some other bolts just like it, or actually screwed on to something innocent like one’s car or porch swing. No-one would have a clue. According to the Spy Coins site, who sells different spy tool replicas, among them hollowed out coins, these things were actually used by spies during the Cold War as means to hide and transport secret documents on microfilm. Apparently U2 pilot Gary Powers was carrying a hollowed out silver dollar when he was captured by the Soviets in 1960. The coin contained a suicide-device, but Powers either failed to, or chose not, use it. The coins are mostly US, so we chose to write about this bolt instead, since it would work all over the world. The bolt is USD 40:- and current American nickels and quarters are about USD 20:-.brbr

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