Bee Square Fabrics


I find it very inspiring to look at prints on fabrics, they make me want to make stuff for our house, for Lode’s room or handmade presents for Christmas … Bee Square Fabrics is an excellent place where you can buy some fantastic fabrics online. I particularly like the ‘Fish‘ inspired fabrics by Heather Ross … I could easily frame a piece of the golden fish fabric and hang it on one of Lode’s walls …


After years of working as an architect, Diane Hoffman switched gears and is still very happy to have opened up a shop,  Bee Square Fabrics
selling the one thing she has always loved — fabrics and I understand
her passion … just look at the printed fabrics above from Alexander Henry… on the flickr page from Bee Square Fabrics you can find so many craft examples of what you can make with the gorgeous fabrics …

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