UK’s First LGBTQ+ Museum Will Open This Spring

After four years of planning and countless delays due to the pandemic, the UK’s first queer museum, called Queer Britain, is slated to open this spring. Occupying a historic space in King’s Cross owned by fundraising charity Art Fund, the museum will feature four galleries to showcase past, present and future queer stories as well as workshop and educational spaces. “LGBTQ+ communities have been crying out for this for decades, and it will be for everyone,” says director and co-founder of Queer Britain, Joseph Galliano. “I want people to be able to look back so that they can better understand who they are today and how we got here and so that together we can all imagine a best of all possible futures—and that is LGBTQ+ people as well as our heterosexual counterparts.” Learn more about this milestone at Dazed.

Image courtesy of Queer Britain

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