This Light-Up Chess Set has Wirelessly Illuminated Pieces

This seems more like a prop in a sci-fi movie, but apparently it’s real. This Light-Up Chess Set has pieces that are individually illuminated from within, though they’re battery-free.

Developed by Lithuania-based startup Masteek, each piece contains an LED that uses wireless induction to draw power from the board (which does contain a battery). The designers rigged it up so that the pieces only illuminate when they’re vertical, and go dark if horizontal.

Presumably the arrangement is so players can have the dramatic “lights out” moment when they take an opponent’s piece.

The white squares of the board also illuminate when the board is turned on. The rechargeable battery is said to be good for nine-plus hours.

The pieces stow away in drawers built into the board.

There’s an optional acrylic lid/dust cover, which can also be used to elevate the board.

The standard included colors are white for the white pieces, red for the black pieces…

…but if the “Star Wars” vibe isn’t your thing, you can also select blue, green or pink.

The Light-Up Chess Set is currently up on Kickstarter, and it’s coming right down to the wire; at press time they were at $23,632 in pledges on a $24,000 goal, with 54 hours left in the campaign. Buy-in starts at $219.

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