This Fabric AirTag ‘sticker’ lets you securely attach your tracking device to jackets, suitcases, camera bags, and more

For years, sci-fi movies have popularized the ability to ‘attach’ tracking devices onto objects… but not a single tracking device comes with any ability to be attached to anything. Whether it’s trackers from Apple, Chipolo, Tile, or any other company, they’re all devices that can be inserted or casually dropped into pockets, slots, and pouches, or fastened onto keys and rings using fixtures. However, the TagVault: Fabric is changing that by being the first fabric-based and fabric-friendly AirTag mount. With a flexible sticker that holds your AirTag to a multitude of surfaces, the TagVault: Fabric truly lets you ‘attach’ your tracking device to any object, be it the inside of your travel case, camera bag, backpack, jacket, or any other valuable item worth attaching your AirTag to. The fabric sticker simply slaps onto any surface, working with rigid materials like a hard-shell briefcase or flexible materials like the inner fabric lining of your camera bag. Rather than chucking your AirTag into a bag and having it rattling around and possibly getting mixed up with your other stuff, the TagVault: Fabric cleverly holds your AirTag in one place – while being all-black so it discreetly blends right into the background.

Designer: Elevation Lab

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The TagVault: Fabric consists of a hard-plastic shell that holds the AirTag, and a soft sticker material that lets you stick the TagVault onto surfaces. The adhesive base securely adheres to nylon, polyester, vinyl, rubberized fabrics, and GORE-TEX, offering a strong, secure fit that can withstand knocks and bumps. The TagVault installs in seconds, but takes 24 hours for the adhesive to completely stick onto any fabric. However, the makers at Elevation Lab mention that the TagVault: Fabric won’t stick on damage-prone surfaces like leather, fuzzy fabrics like microfibers, or even stretchy materials.

The TagVault: Fabric’s flexible surface makes it great for attaching to items like the insides of bags. Just slap the TagVault onto the inner lining of your laptop bag, purse, suitcase, camera bag, or even spectacle case, and you can instantly track the item without worrying about the AirTag falling off or falling out. The black color makes the TagVault: Fabric perfect for the inside of black bags, allowing it to blend right in without anyone noticing, and a plastic cap on top lets you access the AirTag, giving you the option to remove it if you want to change the batteries or just put the same tracker in another bag. The TagVault, however, can’t be reused or re-stuck on any other surface. Once stuck on a surface, it stays there till you peel it off, so it’s best if you buy a 2-pack or a 4-pack.

To add your AirTag, simply lift the plastic cover and place the AirTag in. You can easily take the AirTag out if you want to swap out batteries.

Secure your valuables by adding a discreet AirTag to your bag.

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