This $13 Tactical EDC Knife Packs Multiple Life-saving Features In A Beautifully Rustic Design

I assure you you’ve never seen a tactical knife so beautifully rustic as this.

Most tactical EDC tend to go for either a minimalist design with slick surfaces, a cutting-edge all-metal design that’s made to intimidate, or a gentlemanly design with prim details and classic materials. The Mossy Oak Mini Folding Pocket Knife is none of those. With an aesthetic that looks like nature took over the design process somewhere down the middle, the Mossy Oak Mini is an EDC knife that looks rough around the edges, but is a sophisticated flipper that packs a deadly punch. Aside from being a folding knife, the Mossy Oak Mini also has a bottle opener, a seatbelt cutter, and a glass breaker, all woven into its salt-of-the-earth homespun-ish aesthetic.

Designer: Mossy Oak

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The knife’s beauty lies in its imperfections. It doesn’t opt for glossy handles and polished blades. The blade sports a gorgeous stonewashed finish, while the handle itself is hand-made from walnut wood, with its gorgeous wood-grain that shines through beautifully thanks to the lack of a polish or varnish coating. The result is a knife that FEELS natural to the touch. Your eyes fall in love first, then your hands, resulting in an EDC whose appeal lies on a multisensorial level.

The blade itself comes with a clip-point style, sporting an edge with a curved belly and a pronounced tip that makes the Mossy Oak Mini great for cutting, piercing, slashing, scraping, whittling, etc. The curved edge allows you to rock your knife while you cut, making it easier to chop items against a surface. A groove at the rear end of the edge lets you comfortably rest your index finger, while jimping on the top gives you a place to rest your thumb.

However, that isn’t all that the Mossy Oak Mini is good for. A scalloped edge on top of the blade gives you the perfect detail to cut ropes, tough paracord, or even a car seatbelt, making the Mossy Oak Mini great for emergencies. Need to get out of a pickle, the base of the handle also has a glass-breaker tip, allowing you to strike your Mossy Oak against any glass surface, causing it to shatter – a feature that, when combined with the seatbelt cutter, makes the Mossy Oak quite the life-saver. When all’s said and done, you can celebrate your new lease on life with a drink by using the knife’s built-in bottle opener.

The knife comes with an ergonomic walnut handle that feels wonderfully grippy during use, but the ergonomic details also allow you to easily open the knife by using your nails or fingertips to pry the blade open. Once open, the blade gets locked in place using a liner-lock, so that it doesn’t ever accidentally shut on you during use.

The Mossy Oak Mini’s blade measures just 2.5 inches, putting it in the small-blade category but not by a lot. A medium-length blade is said to start around the 3-inch mark, so the Mossy Oak Mini’s blade still feels usable with zero compromise (in fact, the inclusion of the rope/cord cutter on the top makes it even more functional). The blade sits inside the knife’s 3.5-inch handle, which is the perfect balance between compact and ergonomic. The entire knife weighs just 3.1 ounces (87 grams), and despite its pleasantly low $12.99 price tag, also packs a pocket clip along with a lanyard hole located within the glass-breaker detail.

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