Razersuperfuture photochromic sunglasses is for fashion-conscious gamers

Razer is always open to new collaborations and experimental gear for gamers, marking the American-Singaporean company high up on the radar of tech and gaming community. While their last venture into fashion wearable accessories in the form of Razer Ansu Smart Glasses didn’t fair as well as they hoped, they aren’t giving up yet.

The gaming accessories maker has got in collaboration with Italian eyewear brand Retrosuperfuture to design a pair of fashion eyewear for Gen-Z gamers who like to show off their personality. Perhaps, a perfect confluence of gaming and fashion culture that isn’t going to fade away anytime soon.

Designer: Razer and Retrosuperfuture

According to Addie Tan, Associate Director of Business Development at Razer, they’ve collaborated with renowned fashion and lifestyle brands in the past and launched their own lines of apparel too. He said that the first-ever eyewear equips gamers right from their gaming sessions to their everyday activities in the “quest to outfit every aspect of the gamers’ world.”

The glasses by the two big brands are curated by D-CAVE, a renowned community trending for its reference lifestyle space for Web 3.0 users. Thus, reaffirming the fusion of the gaming world in “contemporary fashion, further positioning it at the center of contemporary pop culture.”

Unlike the Ansu Smart glasses, there’s no fancy tech fitted inside the eyewear, and it’s a mere fashion accessory to go with your other Razer gaming setup and merchandise. Christened Razersuperfuture, these sunglasses are fitted with photochromatic lenses, making them ideal for indoor gaming frenzy as well as outdoor use. They also feature blue light protection to keep your eyes from harm’s way while gaming in a dark setup with the screen brightness turned to the maximum.

The lack of any geeky features in this fashion eyewear by Razer is made up by the visual design. They have a mask-like silhouette drawing inspiration from the sportswear styling and the hip urban streetwear vibe. Those chunky acetate rims and uniquely serialized temples are complemented by the tagline,” For Gamers. By Gamers,” inscribed on the lenses in the iconic green branding.

Razersuperfuture is going to be available starting this week from 5 May at select Retrosuperfuture stores and Razer’s online portal. For a price tag of $239, it is far more expensive than the Anzu Smart Glasses which are available for as low as $59.99. But then, here we are talking of perceived value rather than the actual value-for-money proposition of a product.


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