No More Scratchy Tags! This genius device removes care labels from clothes and digitizes them

I hate the fact that I get an entire booklet attached to my clothes every time I buy something. Especially with global brands, those care labels can be multiple pages long, covering as many as 5-7 languages. Nobody I know has ever read any of those tags, and let’s face it, they’re an absolute liability. They cause itches, and sometimes pop out from the back, making for a rather embarrassing moment when someone else has to point out to you that your shirt’s tag is sticking out. Sure, it’s not the biggest problem in the world (or even in the fashion industry), but that doesn’t mean it’s a problem not worth solving. Meet LUKE, the world’s first device that easily removes care labels. It slices them off right at the hem, leaving no residual label at all… but more importantly, it comes with an app that digitizes the care label for you, allowing you to refer to the instructions if you ever want to wash/dry/care for them exactly how the manufacture intended. LUKE obviously isn’t for everyone, but for people with sensitive skin, with expensive/delicate clothes, or with good fashion that doesn’t benefit in any way from those godawful tags… LUKE is a perfect tool to have sitting in your wardrobe!

Designer: Stefan Pabst

Click Here to Buy Now: $36 $43 (15% off).

Designed to be a rather compact, intuitive, and incredibly safe gadget, LUKE is no larger than a chunky stapler. It runs on 3 AA batteries that power the heated wire which comfortably slices through up to 4 labels at a time (for those pesky multi-label clothes). To use LUKE, simply slide it onto your garment’s care tag, placing one edge of it right near the hem (or the stitching). Hit a button to activate LUKE, and it simultaneously cuts the label off and seals the seam too, removing the tags without any evidence while ensuring your clothes don’t get damaged in the process. Take it from Stefan Pabst, who designed the product in Switzerland, and engineered/manufactured it in Germany.

The LUKE app creates a digital twin of one’s wardrobe and the data is available for a number of applications with just one “click”.

However, removing the tag is just half the process, since LUKE helps you digitize the tag too, just in case you want to refer to it for proper care instructions. The app takes a photo of the tag, scanning it for all the instructions, as well as a photo of your outfit, creating a digital wardrobe with all the information you need. You can access the tag through the app for laundry tips, helping you take good care of your clothes (and helping them last longer), but additionally, the LUKE app also lets you re-order clothes you’ve tagged, and also helps curate outfits based on your digital wardrobe, becoming your fashion assistant in the process.

As impressive as the tag-removing device’s underlying tech is, the app really uplifts the experience, adding a layer of meaningful AI insights to help you organize your wardrobe better, take sustainable care of your garments, and honestly, mix and match your clothes to look like a million bucks. You’ll feel like a million bucks too, now that you don’t have those annoyingly scratchy tags ruining your outfit and your comfort! LUKE starts at €33 (roughly $36 USD), comes with a free app, and ships globally.

Click Here to Buy Now: $36 $43 (15% off).

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