Multi-purpose furniture collection is both kid and pet-friendly

If you have both kids and pets at home, it can sometimes be a challenge to have furniture that can friendly for both of them. You have to get separate kid-friendly and pet-friendly items if you want to have them feel comfortable and at home in your space. So it would be nice if there are multipurpose furniture that they can both use and enjoy. And of course, we all love items that serve more than just one purpose of course to save space and money.

Designers: Wei Jingye, Song Kexin, Zheng Xiaolei and Zhou Haoyuan

Wowo Multipurpose Furniture is a collection of items that can serve that purpose for parents that need stuff for their human kids and their fur-babies. The pieces in the collection have round and playful forms and colorful hues which makes it attractive for those that will use the seats and tables. The shapes are inspired by the mouth shape that children make when they say the cute word “wowo”. The hollow structure combined with the “saturation color and mellow shape” adds to the comfort that both kids and pets will get when they use the furniture.

The kids can sit on the chairs with their feet hanging or knees bent, whichever is more comfortable with them. Some of the seats are hallowed so this is where the pets can stay, to give a harmonious space for the two kinds of “children”. The main part of the furniture uses 3D-printing technology and magnetic assembly structure while the supporting structure uses solid wood in primary colors, processed and formed by machine cutting and manual grinding.

The collection is made up of various chairs and tables, some with the hallowed parts and stands for the pets to rest and play with. The pastel colors also add to the feeling of warmth and comfort. And because of the shape and colors of the items, they can also serve as part of your space’s decoration when not in use (or even when in use), especially if pastel and warm colors are your aesthetic.

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