Lighting That Believes In Coexistence and Is Inspired By Nature

Imagine wandering through the Earth’s diverse landscapes, where lively ecosystems thrive with plants and animals perfectly suited to their surroundings. Each place has unique life forms, from dense forests to icy plains. Inspired by this rich diversity, the BIOMES lighting series brings a new idea to light. It doesn’t just brighten rooms; it adds a touch of nature’s magic. Like a beautiful song, Biomes blends usefulness and beauty, turning ordinary spaces into lively habitats full of potential. With each light, it invites you to explore nature’s wonders, where light and life dance together in a wonderful show of balance and creativity.

Designers: LFD Official – Dongho ShinINGYEONG HWANG, and Jaehwan Kim

In a world where lighting has become universal yet often uninspired, the Biomes lighting series redefines the role of illumination by merging it with the principles of ecological diversity. Rather than simply being functional fixtures, these lights adapt and integrate with the surrounding environment, much like living organisms coexisting within a biome. Unlike conventional lighting options that prioritize functionality over environmental harmony, Biomes lighting takes a holistic approach. By considering the unique characteristics of each space, these fixtures offer not only illumination but also a seamless blend of creativity and functionality.

Biomes lighting embraces diversity in design and functionality. Each fixture is meticulously crafted to suit different environments, ensuring that every space receives the perfect lighting solution tailored to its specific needs. In a rapidly changing world, adaptability is key. This lighting series is designed to evolve alongside its users and their environments, ensuring longevity and relevance amidst shifting trends and preferences. Recognizing that one size does not fit all, Biomes Lighting offers a diverse range of fixtures optimized for various environments. From living rooms to kitchens to studies, each fixture is uniquely tailored to enhance its surroundings.


Introducing Fluffy, the unique light that acts like a living organism in your home. It’s soft and coiled, blending seamlessly into your living room. When it’s curled up, it gives off a gentle glow, perfect for a cozy atmosphere. But Fluffy can also stretch out, just like a snake, to light up specific spots when you need it to. When it’s tucked away under a table, it shines a soft light on whatever’s on top. But when you pull it out, it adjusts its brightness to suit whatever you’re doing, almost like it’s alive and reacting to you. Fluffy isn’t just a light – it’s a clever mix of nature-inspired design and modern technology, making your home feel more alive and inviting.


EcoTeapot is a smart lighting solution designed for kitchens that combines style and usefulness. It’s made to fit seamlessly with shelves or cabinets, making your kitchen look great while adding practicality. With its magnetic attachments, it stays firmly in place but is also easy to remove when needed. You can adjust it easily to suit your kitchen setup. Plus, it comes with a handy tray attachment perfect for keeping your teapot or cups nearby – that’s why it’s called EcoTeapot! It’s a simple yet clever way to light up your kitchen and keep your essentials organized, all in one neat package.


Biomy is a versatile light designed for places like desks and libraries. It’s not just about lighting – it’s about blending in with nature and our spaces. Biomy looks like it’s part of your desk, and it’s handy for hanging things like headphones. It lights up both the top and bottom of the desk, so you can find things easily if they fall. But remember, it’s more for creating a nice atmosphere than for focused work lighting. With Biomy, you get a cozy glow that makes your space feel calm and productive. It’s a simple way to bring a bit of nature indoors while making your workspace more functional and inviting.

As the world continues to evolve, the Biomes lighting series stands as a testament to the power of innovation inspired by nature. By embracing diversity and adaptability, these fixtures not only illuminate our spaces but also enrich them, creating dynamic ecosystems of light and life. Illuminate your world with Biomes lighting and experience the transformative power of ecological design.

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