Industrial Design Case Study: A Package Management System

These days an ID firm might be called on to design a system, rather than a product. Package Solutions is a company seeking to solve the problems of delivering packages to multi-resident buildings and student housing. They hired Formation Design Group to work out the solutions.

“The rapid growth of e-commerce has overwhelmed last mile package delivery, particularly in multifamily residential communities,” the firm writes. “Formation worked with Package Solutions to streamline their user experience and commercialize their cutting edge package tracking technology.”

Beyond the Room

Using contextual research as a basis, Formation conceptualized a multitude of mobile application features to improve resident experience, create opportunities for additional revenue and provide new amenities. The mobile application empowers residents, carriers, and staff to interact with the HelloPackage system while away from the community. Beyond package delivery, the system engages with residents to provide useful features that fit seamlessly into the rhythm of life in a multifamily community.

Creating Community

Using the HelloPackage app residents can send, receive, transfer or redirect their packages. The system allows trusted roommates, neighbors and staff to retrieve packages for each other and rewards them with points redeemable for merchandise stored on secured shelves and other benefits. Features like these build community, increase package throughput, and ultimately allow people to get their stuff in the way that works best for them.

An Adaptable Platform

HelloPackage’s hardware was designed to be minimal, attractive and adaptable. The system is based on a simple kit of parts that can be combined to adapt to any space. The system can be easily expanded to scale with a community’s needs. Sheet metal construction provides an efficient, durable platform with limitless design and aesthetic possibilities.

This integrated hardware/software system makes managing packages easier for community staff, carriers and ultimately for the resident/recipient.

The solution is a powerful combination of software & hardware that revolutionizes the package delivery experience for apartment staff, residents and carriers.

You can see more of Formation’s work here.

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