Design Loves Art at the Pacific Design Center, by GLH


Running through March, the Design Loves Art show, hosted by the Pacific Design Center, is an emerging arts program inviting galleries, local artists, curators and filmmakers who, “reflect particularly on design as an extension of artistic practice, spanning a variety of disciplines and mediums” to utilize currently unused space in the Blue Building of the PDC.


As a lover of both art and design I respect the idea that an artists’ process can be an extension of design practice. As I see it, in a family of three children, engineering may be the oldest, design the middle child, and art the youngest who, as any one in a large family can tell you, gets away with everything. The Design Loves Art show is a Los Angeles party thrown by this youngest sibling, possibly making use of its older brother’s popular name as promotional material. Once you’ve arrived, artists had a good time, designers too (possibly left wanting a little something more) and engineers are still wondering if they’ve been adopted into this modern family. The below projects represent some of the highlights from this year’s family get together.


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