Core77 Weekly Roundup (3-13-23 to 3-17-23)

Industrial designer Kevin Nguyen quit his traditional ID gigs to design his own specialty clay tools.

The Camera Shy Hoodie, by artist/designer Mac Pierce, uses embedded infrared LED lights to blind night vision cameras.

Pioneering drone delivery company Wing has designed these AutoLoaders, package pickup stations designed to share a parking space.

Until reading the description, we couldn’t figure out what the heck this object is.

This Twins Chair, designed by architect Yuji Tanabe, is two chairs in one.

Helsinki-based furniture design studio Antti Tuomi designed this Combines collection of flatpack furniture, which ditches conventional joinery for straps.

Product designer Chris Kabel created these keys for the remote Fogo Island Inn by casting 29 locally-found artifacts in bronze.

Hailing from Norway, the AssiStep is a staircase aid for those not quite ready for a chair lift. It’s mechanical and requires no electricity. (Click the link to see video.)

Industrial designer Albert Rakhimzhanov came up with this Ultro, a wild concept for a drone-based air purifying system.

The Obicuum Water is a striking-looking, modernist-looking cordless power mop.

Several good projects done by Kaelan Abernathy as an Industrial Design student:

Ishinomaki Lab’s DIY furniture started out as a disaster relief effort, and has turned into an enduring furniture brand and workshop series.

Bottle Farm’s Mini Kits are a minimal, economical design for growing herbs at home.

Architect Maxime Prananto’s Continuous Chandelier “operates within a continuum of contradictions.”

These unusual lamps and mailbox were designed by Zurich-based Lu¨tjens Padmanabhan Architects.

Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken’s Ypsilon bench makes good use of angles for both comfort and drainage.

The Revo line of chairs, by industrial designer Simone Viola, brings clean lines and functional simplicity to institutional furniture.

Here are three unusual designs for headphone holders by veteran industrial designer Carl Liu.

Healthcare-focused design consultancy Studio Doozy is developing this modular, adaptable toilet designed for all mobility types.

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