Bluetti AC240 All-Weather Power Station delivers reliable power, rain or shine

More people are discovering the joys of the great outdoors, but they are also learning some of the challenges that come with living off the grid, especially when it comes to the unpredictability of weather. And then there are some outdoor adventures that really expose you to the elements, whether it be on land or especially at sea. During these moments, you need more than just a portable power source that can deliver the necessities and conveniences of modern life. You also need a reliable power source that can weather any storm, almost literally. That’s the kind of power that the new Bluetti AC240 Weatherproof Portable Power Station delivers, keeping up with life’s adventures even when Mother Nature has other ideas.

Designer: Bluetti

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Even with all the science and technology at our disposal, changes in weather can throw a wrench in anyone’s plans, especially when those plans happen to involve staying outdoors. Traditional power stations, while extremely useful, might not be a good fit for this situation considering the safety risks involved. That’s where the Bluetti AC240 and its IP65 dust and waterproof rating come in, offering a clean, quiet, safe, versatile, and rugged power source that can withstand the harsh conditions you might find yourself in.

With the AC240’s modular design, it practically is! Stack up B210 expansion batteries and watch your power options multiply.

The Bluetti AC240 is rated IP65, which means it’s certified to withstand the intrusion of dust as well as low-pressure water jets from any angle, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The weather-hardened solar generator boasts a variety of patented technologies and safeguards that protect it from the elements, including independent air ducts, sealed electronic compartments, a special drainage system, vacuum-coated fans, and, since they’re always exposed to the outside world, double-layer protected ports. In the event that water does manage to get in, built-in exhaust fans and the heat dissipation system will make sure the water gets out or evaporates quickly before it does any damage.

Whether you’re basking in the sun’s energy with solar panels, plugging into a wall outlet, staying juiced on the move with a car charger, or even tapping into a lead-acid battery or shore power, the AC240 ensures you’re always powered up and good to go.

Of course, the Bluetti AC240 is more than just a large weatherproof box. It’s a portable power station first and foremost, and it does an incredible job at that as well. With an output of 2,400W and a 1,536Wh LiFePO battery, the AC240 can easily power anything from a phone charger to a 20 cubic feet fridge for at least one day. A 3,600W powerlifting mode can even power that hot plat to make sure you get warm meals even when it’s pouring outside your RV. The plethora of charging ports, which include 2 standard AC outlets, 1 NEMA TT-30 port, a car outlet, 2 USB-A ports, two USB-C ports, and a 12V/30A RV port, make sure every electronic machine is supported, even an RV or a boat.

Whether you’re navigating the high seas or driving into the unknown wilderness, the AC240 reliable enough to keep your adventures smooth from start to finish.

If that’s already impressive, then you’ll probably be blown away by what the Bluetti AC240 can do when paired with the B210 expansion battery, which itself is also IP65 weatherproof. Each B210 adds 2,150Wh of power and you can have as many as four packs connected to the AC240 for a whopping 10,135Wh total capacity. And if that weren’t enough, you can link two AC240 using Bluetti’s unique parallel technology with the Parallel Box P480, delivering 4,800W output (without expansion batteries) without doubling the voltage. With this much power and flexibility, including simultaneous connection to the power grid while powering your devices and a responsive 15ms UPS function, the Bluetti AC240 can even provide enough power to your house to weather out a storm.

When it comes to charging the power station itself, the AC240 offers a variety of options, from super-fast 1.1-hour AC charging at 2400W max input (when paired with a B210 expansion battery) to completely green solar charging at 1200W intake in just two hours. Weighing only 72 lbs (33 kg) and almost as big as a microwave, the Bluetti AC240 offers portable, reliable, and durable power that you can take with you anywhere you go, confident that it can handle anything thrown its way, whether by you or by Mother Nature herself.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1299 $1899 (31% off, use coupon code”yanko240″ to get an additional $100 off). Hurry, deal ends in 48-hours!

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