Beautiful, Functional, Technological Desktop Sculptures by Mohit Bhoite

Mohit Bhoite is a hardware engineer whose day job is designing and building IoT products. But on the side, he constructs wonderful desktop sculptures that incorporate circuits and convey information. He’s really got a knack for making tech look artistic and beautiful:

Tiny Temperature Monitor

“A tiny seven segment temperature monitor using ATtiny861A microcontroller and BME280 sensor. Powered by a CR2032 coin cell.”


“GNSS Synchronized Clock based on the Particle Xenon.”

Chintoo FM

“This little FM buddy is based on the Philips TEA5767 FM radio chipset, Adafruit ItsyBitsy 32u4, PAM8302 audio amp, and a 4 digit seven segment display. The list of preprogrammed FM radio stations can be toggled by tapping on a tiny brass disc. I used Paul Stoffregen’s capacitive touch library here. The volume is controlled with a linear potentiometer in the back. Power comes over USB.”

LM3915 VU craft

“This is a VU meter based on the classic LM3915 display driver. I used a LED color bar graph for display and 20 awg copper for the frame and interconnects. Power comes from USB.”

Not a sculpture, but he also made this wild-looking Handle With Care Flashlight:

Check out the different settings:

See more here or on Bhoite’s Instagram.

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