A Modular, Adaptable Toilet Designed for All Mobility Types

Industrial designer Emily Tang is co-founder of Studio Doozy, a Hong-Kong-based consultancy focused on the healthcare and lifestyle sectors. The company’s mission is “to help companies of all sizes build remarkable and inclusive experiences,” and their Doozy Violet project for a modular, adaptive toilet is a fine example.

“Violet is an all-inclusive modular toilet that adapts to the changing needs of each user. Built with three configurations – basic, handles, and transfer bench, it enables the users to easily switch out the seat and lid module to make the toilet experience safer for anyone with limited mobility. Each of the configurations targets differently abled individuals.”

“The basic module consists of a normal toilet seat and lid. Perfect for anyone that does not require support when using the toilet.”

“The handle module comes in handy when we need support to sit and stand from the toilet. Its metal structure makes it solid and safe.”

“The rotational feature with integrated transfer bench configuration empowers wheelchair users to transfer safely to the toilet, even in small spaces. The transfer module is perfect for people on wheelchairs to allow safe side transfers even in small spaces.”

“Violet’s modularity aims at making it possible to extend the functionalities of our toilets as we age, not needing to undergo costly renovations to make our bathrooms accessible and safe. Accessible bathrooms require a big space next to the toilet to park the wheelchair to facilitate side transfers. With Violet’s transfer bench users can perform side transfers even in small bathrooms.”

The team conducted both user engagement workshops and a lot of prototyping:

The project is currently in development.

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