A Hi-Tech Automatic Ceiling-Mounted Retractable Laundry Rack

The hi-tech counterpart to the Victorian-era creel is this automated laundry rack. Manufactured by Singapore-based Good Living, it’s meant to appeal to that city’s denizens, who live in space-tight conditions. This rack has no footprint at all, as it retracts into the ceiling; when not in use, it’s just a ceiling-mounted LED light fixture.

At the press of a button, the rack deploys via scissors mechanisms.

The bars running lengthwise can telescope, providing extension. Shorter bars can be added cross-wise, fitted through holes in the frame. A hanging basket for shallow items is also available.

You can also add these little clips, to hold small items like socks. Additionally they have holes in their center to accommodate hangers.

The company also offers optional hot-air blowers to speed drying.

These run from $649 Singaporean (USD $489) for the no-frills model, up to $1,199 Singaporean (USD $893) for the top-of-the-line.

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