10 Best Accessories To Perfectly Complement Your Apple AirPods

My AirPods are one of my prized Apple possessions! I use them multiple times in a day, whether’s it’s for calls, to watch videos during work breaks, or to listen to some pumped-up tunes during my evening jogs. You’ll find them around me almost all the time. I’m sure there are other AirPods addicts in the house, and for those individuals, here’s a collection of AirPods accessories that we swear by!  These nifty product designs will completely elevate and enhance your AirPods experience. They serve as the perfect sidekick to your AirPods, either by taking the best care of them, boosting their functionality, or making sure you never lose them again. These are a must-have for all AirPods fanatics!

1. AirPods/AirPods Pro Neck Strap

This AirPods/AirPods Pro Neck Strap is a great way of ensuring you never lose your precious AirPods! It features a neck strap made from a woven necklace, which keeps your AirPods around your neck at all times. This neck strap perfectly combines fashion, good looks, and practicality to form a unique and clever Apple accessory amped with a patented One-Click Magnetic Lock, which keeps your earbuds in place safely.

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2. Casetify Iron Man Case

Casetify teamed up with Marvel to create a few Iron Man-themed accessories, and the one that truly caught our eye is their AirPods case! The super cool AirPods case is designed to look like an Iron Man helmet which gently opens up to unveil your TWS earbuds. It is equipped with a stand, allowing you to place it on a carabiner clip-in case you feel like attaching it to your backpack. It even has light-up eyes that will surely grab the attention of onlookers!

3. Snapshot Case

Elago Snapshot Apple AirPods Case with AirTag

Elago Snapshot Apple AirPods Case with AirTag

Called the Snapshot case for the AirPods Pro, this adorable-looking has a cute camera-shaped design that includes an AirTag inside the faux camera lens. The little case looks like a small point-and-shoot that protects precious AirPods Pro from any kind of physical damage and theft. Since it has an all-silicone design, this absorbs shock, while still supporting wireless charging.

4. Game Boy Charger Case

Elago has been doing a pretty good job of making Apple accessories a bit nostalgic, and they’ve recently unveiled a Nintendo-inspired design! One of their latest releases is a Game Boy cover for your AirPods charger. This Game Boy-inspired cover will transform your charger into the now-classic Game Boy design. It works as a “wrap”, and is quite similar to the MagSafe wallet they launched a while ago. This one is a must for the Game Boy lovers!

5. ElementProof Waterproof Case

Meet this innovative AirPods Pro 2 case that enhances your earbuds with an IP68 rating to offer better water and dustproofing. This case provides a very high level of protection from the elements, such that you can keep your AirPods and their case submerged in the water for 6 hours. It can even provide protection from an extremely dusty environment. The case is called the ElementProof Waterproof Case, and it has military-grade MIL standards for shock resistance.

6. 2-in-1 Wireless Charger Concept

Meet the 15W MagSafe compatible iPhone 15 charger concept which can be laid down, or positioned in an alternate orientation, letting you set up your iPhone in portrait mode for productivity. The alternate pad of the charger can be utilized to charge your earbuds, or even your Apple Watch, while laid down. At the moment, this charger is still a concept, however, we would love to see it as a tangible design someday.

7. Ultra Hybrid Zero One Covers

Designed by Spigen, these transparent Ultra Hybrid Zero One covers for the AirPods Pro 2 draw inspiration from the stunning iMac G3 designs from the olden days. The unique covers offer a layer of Spigen-backed physical protection to the AirPods case, providing protection from bumps and scratches, owing to the impact-resistant PolyCarbonate (PC) and Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) build.

8. Nomad MagSafe Base One Charger

Nomad Base One MagSafe Design

Nomad Base One MagSafe

Dubbed the Nomad MagSafe Base One charger, this innovative charger features a glass and aluminum design, and it is equipped with the official MFi MagSafe charging. The Base One works well with most Qi devices, and it can offer up to 15W charging speed. The charger has a weighted metal body which is wonderfully paired up with an elevated glass panel. This sophisticated look complements most desks and workspaces.

9. Air Omni

Called the Air Omni, this unique charging dock can charge your iPhone, AirPods, Watch, and iPad as well. It is created for not only charging but docking as well, and it features a dedicated pop-up wireless charging hub for your Watch and a wireless charging zone for your AirPods. The docking zone has a unique design which makes it quite innovative, and it can shapeshift to accommodate your various devices.

10. Chargepuck

Dubbed the Chargepuck, this unique innovation serves as a replacement for your wireless charging dock or mat. The little puck can be attached to your iPhone, and it has its own retractable cable which lets you plug it wherever you like. However, the Chargepuck isn’t a battery pack, and it doesn’t have its own battery inside it. It is a charging apparatus that is attached to your iPhone, letting you charge three devices in one go.

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