Xtal lighting by Ryuichi Kozeki for Ambientec

Xtal lighting by Ryuichi Kozeki for Ambientec

Dezeen Showroom: Ambientec‘s Xtal table lamps by Ryuichi Kozeki feature complex hand-cut crystal glass, which create a refracted glow similar to candlelight.

The Xtal cordless table lamps come in three designs cut by skilled craftspeople and are described by the Japanese brand as “producing an ethereal tapestry of light”.

Xtal lighting by Ryuichi Kozeki for Ambientec
The Xtal lighting features crystal glass cut by skilled craftspeople

Xtal resembles a tumbler glass, while Xtal Acrux has facets similar to a cut diamond, and Xtal Becrux has an even more complex pattern, with grooves that spiral up the shade, creating a dense net of refracted light.

Inside, the lamps contain a special flame-like double-sided LED developed for Xtal, plus a domed mirrored aluminium reflector base.

Xtal lighting by Ryuichi Kozeki for Ambientec
There is a special Dark Gray edition with a copper-coloured base

The range is both dimmable and portable, and the lighting is water resistant, making it a good choice for settings such as balconies and bathrooms.

Xtal Acrux comes in a special tinted Dark Gray glass edition, with a copper-coloured metal reflector, created in conjunction with Cassina.

Product: Xtal
Designer: Ryuichi Kozeki
Brand: Ambientec

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