Which Of Lady Gaga’s Looks Is The Wildest?

imageBy now, there is no need to prelude Lady Gaga with an introduction or description. Everyone knows who she is. Plus, how exactly would you describe this powerhouse entertainer? Her blindingly platinum blonde hair, those bling-ed out sunglasses, her lack of pants and one over-the-top get-up after another… one almost forgets that through all the crazy costumes, strange antics, make-out sessions with muppets and smoke and mirror filled performances, this girl can actually sing! Fantastical ensembles aside, Lady Gaga is known for pumping out one hot dance hit after another, making it impossible to not get up and bust a few moves to her beats. But let’s face it. She’s become a household name due to more than her songstress talents. Those crazy costumes and over-the-top outfits are what made us sit up and take notice. Some would say she’s the leader in avant-garde fashion, others find her amusing, while still more would claim that her fashion sense belongs in an asylum! What do you think? Take our poll below and tell us which Lady Gaga ensemble is the wildest!
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